Google Cloud

What is BigQuery?

Google BigQuery uses Google infrastructure’s processing power to solve this problem through SQL-like queries run on append-only tables. Google takes care of whatever needs to be done, once you shift your data to BigQuery.

BigQuery provides real-time insights and is scalable and easy to use. It lets you run quick SQL-like queries on datasets containing several Petabytes of data in a few seconds.

How does Google BigQuery Google Analytics Work with Big Data Solution?

As there is no infrastructure to manage in Google BigQuery, it helps to focus on the analysis of data to get meaningful insights using SQL. This is the most beneficial feature for Big data solution. Moreover, there is no need for a database administrator. Along with that, Google BigQuery obtains a powerful analysis ability which helps to improve the insights from data. Not to mention, to accomplish today’s Big data requirement, the need for real-time data analysis and BigQuery wins the game in this regard.

Level of Support

Level 1: is initiated when a user requests support from different channels and then categorized as a support issue. The issue is managed by the support team. SPRV attempts to provide suggestions or solutions at this level. If no immediate solution can be provided, a workaround, if any, will be suggested.

Level 2: An issue will be escalated to Level 2 if an issue is identified as critical or is not resolved in an expected time-frame, or there is a need for additional resources such as involvement from the product development team.

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